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Avatar Korra ist die Hauptfigur in Nickelodeons Zeichentrickserie The Legend of Korra, in der sie als aktuelle Inkarnation von Raavas Avatar dargestellt wird - der spirituellen Verkörperung von. Die Legende von Korra (Originaltitel: The Legend of Korra, alternativ: Avatar: Legend of Korra) ist eine US-amerikanische Fantasy-Zeichentrickserie, deren. Avatar Korra ist der derzeitige Avatar und die unmittelbare Nachfolgerin von Avatar Aang. Sie. / Die Jährige Korra ist der neue Avatar vom südlichen Wasserstamm. Sie beherrscht bereits drei Elemente, nun möchte sie ihre Fähigkeiten um das. Die Jährige Korra ist der neue Avatar vom südlichen Wasserstamm. Sie beherrscht bereits drei Elemente, nun möchte sie ihre Fähigkeiten um das letzte​.


/ Die Jährige Korra ist der neue Avatar vom südlichen Wasserstamm. Sie beherrscht bereits drei Elemente, nun möchte sie ihre Fähigkeiten um das. Avatar Korra ist die Hauptfigur in Nickelodeons Zeichentrickserie The Legend of Korra, in der sie als aktuelle Inkarnation von Raavas Avatar dargestellt wird - der spirituellen Verkörperung von. Die Legende von Korra (Originaltitel: The Legend of Korra, alternativ: Avatar: Legend of Korra) ist eine US-amerikanische Fantasy-Zeichentrickserie, deren. Korra

Korra - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Stephanie Sheh. Als taufrischer Ermittler bei der Polizei findet Mako Hinweise, dass die Wasserstämme gegeneinander ausgespielt werden. Die Strichführung ist wundervoll und die Farbkombi liebe ich einfach. Sie alle besitzen besondere Fähigkeiten -wie zum Beispiel das Lavabändigen oder das Abfeuern eines Hitzestrahls aus einer Art dritten Auge auf der Stirn -eine Fähigkeit, die auch ein Kopfgeldjäger in der ersten Avatar-Serie beherrschte, der auf Prinz Zukos Anweisung jagt auf Aang machte. Nur eine Person, bekannt als der Avatar , kann alle vier Elemente bändigen. Währenddessen The.Darkness.2019 Varrick die Bekanntheit von Bolin click Profi-Bändiger und dessen natürliche Unbekümmertheit, um ihn als Star einer Just click for source von Korra produzierten, actionlastigen Schnulzfilmen aufzubauen. Der Gedanke dahinter ist, Unalaq in den Filmen als Bösewicht darzustellen und so Stimmung für eine Militärintervention gegen ihn zu machen. Darunter leidet zeitweise see more die Spielperformance der Gruppe. Dem Südlichen Stamm gefällt das jedoch gar nicht, da der Norden sich wie eine Besatzungsmacht Die Film. September Greg Baldwin.

Korra - Weitere Bände von Die Legende von Korra

Als namenlose Bändiger-Gladiatorin schlägt sie sich mehr schlecht als recht durch und leidet unter dem ständigen Auftauchen einer wütenden Avatar-version von sich selbst, die sie manchmal sogar angreift. Er merkt, dass Jinora kein kleines Kind mehr ist. Jayne Taini.

La vieille femme lui apprit qu'il restait des traces de mercure dans son corps. Toph tenta de retirer le poison du corps de l'Avatar, mais celle-ci fut la proie d'une nouvelle vision de Zaheer et fit obstacle.

Pas au meilleur de sa forme et victime d'hallucinations, Korra fut vaincue par Kuvira. Korra essaya alors de raisonner la Grande Unificatrice, mais la discussion se transforma en duel en un contre un pour le sort de Zaofu.

Korra avertit les dirigeants du danger imminent. Elle en conclut qu'il lui fallait faire face au chef du Lotus Rouge.

Korra tenta de faire parler Baatar Jr. Korra comprend le raisonnement de Kuvira et la convainc de se rendre. Korra et Asami se tiennent les mains en entrant dans le portail spirituel.

Ils furent interrompus par Asami, et Tenzin laissa les deux jeunes femmes entre elles. Elle a l'habitude de se rapprocher des gens en les confrontant, les saisissant parfois par le menton lorsqu'ils tentent de lui faire face.

Elle peut se propulser dans les airs avec des arcs de feu en courtes rafales, et utiliser ces rafales pour courir le long d'un mur.

Se connecter Vous n'avez pas de compte? Sommaire [ afficher ]. She sparred against three firebenders and although she started strong, she was knocked down after she was once again overcome with a vision of Zaheer flying down upon her.

Helped back to her feet by Tenzin who declared the sparring match to be over, she angrily stated that she believed she had been ready. As Tenzin tried to put her at ease by pointing out that there was no shame in taking the time needed to make a full recovery as her duties as the Avatar could wait, Korra asked about the Earth Kingdom, since she knew it was still in chaos.

Hearing that the situation had been stabilized by Kuvira, she grew sad, stating that the metalbender was doing her job. Before Tenzin could tell her that she merely needed to be patient, Korra glared at him, threatening that if he would voice the thought, she would "water-smack" him in the mouth.

Frustrated about the situation, she left the sparring ring. Korra confided in Asami about all her fears regarding her recovering via a letter.

For two years, Korra continued her training and recovery at the Southern Water Tribe. At one point, she wrote a letter back to Asami, in which she apologized for not having written before.

She revealed that the past couple of years had been the hardest of her life and even though she had recovered physically, she still could not enter the Avatar State and was often plagued by memories of Zaheer and the Red Lotus attack.

She admitted that she worried that she might never fully recover, despite her best efforts. Korra implored Asami to not inform Mako and Bolin about the letter, as she did not want to hurt their feelings and felt like they would not understand her as opposed to Asami.

While having a meal with her parents, an absent-minded Korra was playing with her food until her mother's inquiry about her well-being snapped her out of her thought.

She expressed her desire to return to Republic City, hoping that it could speed up her recovery due to it being the place of action and where her friends were.

Korra declined Tonraq's offer to get the White Lotus to prepare for her departure, insisting on going alone as it would give her the chance to clear her head.

Wanting to start over and rediscover herself, Korra shed her Water Tribe identifiers, donned an Earth Kingdom attire, and cut her hair.

En route, Korra briefly stopped at a beachside village to purchase supplies. Upon requesting the local fishmonger for two lobster crabs, she was recognized as the Avatar and asked to pose for a picture, just like Avatar Aang had done decades before.

The man's ramblings about Avatars were cut short when another vendor shouted about a robbery in progress and the fishmonger pushed Korra to intervene.

Although she intercepted the thieves, the two men easily defeated her, leaving Korra lying on the beach in shame. Korra eventually made it to Republic City, though as she neared Air Temple Island, she saw herself in the Avatar State standing atop one of the rocks near the island, glaring menacingly at her.

Realizing she was not ready to return, she turned her boat and left Yue Bay, docking somewhere in a deserted area, where she obtained Earth Kingdom clothes, shed all her Water Tribe identifiers, and cut her hair.

Convinced that she needed to discover how to reconnect with Raava on her own, Korra declined the help of the spirits.

Korra traveled to the Spirit World through the northern spirit portal and made her way to the Tree of Time. Her meditation in the hollow of the tree was interrupted by chattering spirits, who were debating among themselves whether or not she was the Avatar.

When Korra verified her identity as such, she revealed to them that she had been away for a while due to sustaining severe injuries in her last big battle, which had left her unable to contact Raava.

She admitted to meditating in the Tree of Time since the last time she had done so, it had shown her a myriad of images and she had hoped it would be the case again, figuring it could help her to reconnect with Raava and access the Avatar State.

When it proved to be unsuccessful, she declined the spirits' help, deciding that she needed to figure it all out on her own since the help of others had not borne any fruit so far.

In order to keep people from worrying about her, Korra wrote letters to her parents, telling them she was pleased to have returned to Air Temple Island and see her friends again.

In reality, however, Korra was roaming the physical world by herself, crossing icy seas, hiking up volcanoes, and traversing the desert, all the while seeing an apparition of herself in the Avatar State.

While she was wandering the desert, Korra saw Raava atop a nearby dune, though by the time she had scampered to the top, the Light Spirit was gone, having been only a mirage.

Still suffering from the mental whiplash of the mercury poisoning, Korra was haunted by visions of her Avatar self attacking her.

Six months after having left the South Pole, Korra made her way to a small Earth Kingdom town at night, where she was once again haunted by her Avatar apparition.

Determined to end the haunting, Korra confronted the apparition, though lost. Losing track of the animal who turned out to be the light spirit whom she had met at the Tree of Time, she was once again attacked by her apparition, who dragged her down in a hallucinatory pool of mercury.

She eventually woke up in the home of Toph Beifong, who had found her unconscious in the mud. Letting go of her fears of her past enemies, Korra was able to bend the mercury out of her body, relieving her mental block.

Desiring to get back into Avatar fighting shape, Korra asked Toph for help and eventually learned that she was still carrying around traces of mercury.

When she was plagued by another vision of Zaheer trying to asphyxiate her in the Avatar State as Toph tried to remove the mercury, Korra was told that she would have to bend the metal out herself, since she was subconsciously fighting Toph's attempts to remove it out of fear of getting injured again.

In order to speed up her recovery, Toph took her to the banyan-grove tree , where she reconnected with herself and the world. After being found by Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, they all returned to Toph's dwelling in the swamp, where Korra eventually managed to bend out all of the residual poison out of her system.

Still not in top form and plagued by hallucinations, Korra was overpowered by Kuvira. In order to let Kuvira and the rest of the world know that the Avatar was back, Korra and the three airbenders traded the swamp for Zaofu, though they discovered that the military of the Earth Empire was already camped at its gates.

Believing that conflict had only made things worse in the past, Korra set out to negotiate with Kuvira though was urged to convince Suyin to give the city up.

Upon her return to the city, Korra learned that Suyin had left with Wei and Wing to sneak into Kuvira's camp and deal with the threat themselves.

Kuvira had the upper hand until Korra entered the Avatar State. On the verge of ending Kuvira, however, she was plagued by another hallucination of herself in the Avatar State, allowing the army commander to recover and defeat her.

Moving past the tension, Korra shared a warm hug with Mako and Asami , truly reuniting as a team. Returning to Republic City, Korra met up with Asami and Mako, though there reunion soon became tense due to their three-year separation.

When Prince Wu was kidnapped , the trio gave chase, tracking the royal down to a train departing from Central City Station.

Despite the team's continuous bickering, they found Wu and freed him, though were soon after forced on the defense by several Earth Empire agents.

Working together, however, they managed to hold them off and escape. With no other options left to her, Korra agreed to let Zaheer guide her into the Spirit World and help her to let go of her fear of "what might have been".

When Jinora asked for her and Opal's help to search for Ryu , who had gone missing with his tour group in the Spirit Wilds , Korra discovered via the plants that Kuvira was harvesting roots from the Foggy Swamp.

Splitting for Jinora, she left to warn the world leaders about the impending danger, though she was soon contacted by Jinora again, who called for help as she was being attacked by the vines.

With Mako's help, Korra discovered that Jinora, Ryu, and the other tourists' souls had been trapped in the Spirit World, though after failing to meditate in, being blocked again by Zaheer's memory, she concluded that she needed to face the Red Lotus leader.

When Zaheer noted that her spiritual block was a conscious choice, Korra snapped at him for having created the "worst dictator the Earth Kingdom [had] ever seen", which lead Zaheer to offer to guide her into the Spirit World.

Although Korra initially refused his help, she let him guide her through her traumatic experience, and she managed to make it into the Spirit World, where Raava's spirit lit up within her.

Together, they found and rescued the trapped souls. Korra managed to force Baatar Jr. To help the United Republic prepare for battle, Korra asked the spirits to help defend their new home, though they refused to take part in human wars.

Much to her shock, however, she discovered that Kuvira was already nearing the city and had mounted the weapon on an enormous mecha suit instead.

The plan failed, however, and then were nearly all killed when she blew up the Future Industries factory in which they were hiding.

Risking her own life, Korra bent the beam from the spirit energy cannon to save Kuvira. While it was decided that Asami and Varrick, with the help of Hiroshi and Zhu Li, would adjust the prototypes of the hummingbird mecha suits in order to cut through platinum, Korra and the other benders faced Kuvira's enormous mecha suit in an attempt to slow it down.

The two women continued their fight inside the Spirit Wilds, where Kuvira fired the spirit energy cannon at Korra. Although she dove out of the way of the beam, the cannon charged itself with the surrounding spirit vines and overloaded.

When the beam threatened to kill Kuvira, Korra jumped in front of her and, entering the Avatar State, held the beam at bay, though the enormous surge of energy expanded around them and exploded, creating a new spirit portal.

Korra understood and sympathized with Kuvira 's reasoning for her actions. Korra and Kuvira were thrown into the Spirit World.

Seeing her opportunity, Korra explained that she saw a lot of herself in Kuvira, stating that they were both fierce and determined to succeed, sometimes even without thinking things through.

When the metalbender snapped that she had been merely trying to help her people in the absence of the Avatar, Korra understood that Kuvira had only been trying to create a place where she and her people would never have to feel vulnerable again and sympathized with the hardships that come from a life as an orphan.

She managed to convince Kuvira to surrender, and when they both exited the Spirit World via the portal, Kuvira gave herself up to Lin and Suyin, acknowledging that the Avatar had saved her life and possessed a power beyond what she could ever hope to achieve.

Korra and Asami held hands and gazed at each other lovingly as they entered the spirit portal , beginning their romantic relationship.

Later, Korra attended Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding at Air Temple Island, during which she learned that Wu planned to abolish the earth monarchy and establish independent states with democratically elected governments akin to the United Republic of Nations instead, a cause for which she pledged her support.

When Korra later distanced herself from the party and gazed over the skyline of Republic City, she was joined by Tenzin.

Talking about how much she had already changed the world and how much more she desired to do, they were eventually interrupted by Asami, and Tenzin left the two women to themselves.

Korra apologized to Asami for having been absent for three years and tried to comfort her for the loss of her father.

When Asami stated that she did not feel like returning to the party and could use a vacation, Korra offered to go with her anywhere she wanted.

The two decided to journey to the Spirit World and, upon stepping into the spirit portal, they turned to each other and held both hands while gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, starting their romantic relationship together.

After talking about their feelings, Korra and Asami shared a kiss. Korra and Asami proceeded to enjoy a series of adventures in the Spirit World, which was cut short when the mountain they began climbing revealed itself to be a spirit.

This spirit was displeased with Korra's accidental creation of the Republic City portal, resulting in the couple being thrown into the air.

Korra quickly used her airbending to soften their landing and apologized to Asami for letting their getaway result in them almost getting killed.

Asami reminded her that they had been through worse on previous occasions, and she insisted they not let one disgruntled spirit ruin all the fun they had had until that moment.

Noting that all their supplies were ruined, they were forced to cut their vacation short. Before leaving, however, Korra leaned in and kissed, both stating that it had been a wonderful few days.

While walking through a forest, Korra and Asami discussed when they realized their feelings for each other.

Korra told Asami that when the two had gone race car driving together she felt like somebody was able to understand her wild, excited nature.

Asami told Korra that the years Korra was gone had been the longest of her life; and Korra told her that after her injury she had realized her feelings for Asami but had not included it in any letters.

When questioned, Korra told Asami that she had been so confused she had not known if what she was feeling was real. As they finished speaking, the same dragon bird spirit who had helped Korra three years prior appeared to give them a lift.

Rather than go back to Republic City, Korra asked the spirit to take them to the Southern portal, but wanted to keep it a surprise to Asami.

As they arrived, Korra told Asami of her intentions to tell her parents about their relationship; while Asami was initially hesitant, Korra urged her forward.

Later on, while having dinner with Tonraq and Senna, Korra and Asami came out about their relationship, and Korra's parents both expressed their happiness for the couple.

However, Tonraq subsequently suggested they keep their relationship private when they return to Republic City, which upset Korra.

Although Senna reasoned that not everyone would be so accepting, Korra derided her parents as narrow-minded and agreed with Asami's suggestion to leave.

Asami Sato and Korra entered the spirit portal together. On their way back, Korra apologized to Asami for her parents' behavior, but to Korra's surprise Asami sympathized with them.

She explained to Korra that they were most likely worried about her safety, and this was something she understood because part of her wanted to keep Korra to herself.

Korra apologized, realizing she had accidentally ignored Asami's feelings on talking to her parents. Asami said it was okay, she was just worried that people would not see their relationship as something special and rare like she did.

Korra promised Asami that no matter what people said, she was going to protect Asami, and Asami agreed. The dragon eel spirit appeared and threatened Wonyong Keum , much to Korra's surprise.

Upon exiting the spirit portal to Republic City, Korra and Asami walked directly into Jinora and the airbenders arguing with Wonyong Keum , whom Asami identified as a former business associate of her father's.

Jinora told the two that Keum intended to build an amusement park around the portal, but Keum insisted that he was simply trying to give every common person a chance to visit the Spirit World.

While Korra initially hesitated making a decision, Asami told Keum that the Spirit World was sacred, and people like him should not be allowed to enter it.

At the same time, the dragon eel spirit, who previously refused Korra's request to fight Kuvira, asked the Avatar to close the portal to keep the likes of Keum from exploiting it.

Korra refused, stating her belief that keeping the portal open would ensure harmony between humans and spirits; the spirit said he could not force her to close the portal, but that he would hold her responsible for the portal's safety.

When the spirit left, Keum tried to order everyone off his property, but Korra went into the Avatar State and demanding he leave, effectively scaring Keum away from the site.

She was subsequently assured by Opal that she would not be alone in defending the portal, as the new Air Nation would be assisting her in that task.

Korra and Asami later arrived to the temporary evacuee camp, interrupting Zhu Li's speech to the airbenders and Kya.

Warmly welcomed back by everyone, Korra asked Tenzin how things were in the city. Tenzin answered that, thanks to Zhu Li's efforts, they could regulate the relief efforts for the evacuees while President Raiko was being completely preoccupied with his presidential reelection campaign, at the expense of the evacuees.

Korra noted that he had never been the most compassionate person toward, and was not surprised at Raiko's lack of action.

When Kya interrupted, suggesting that Korra talk to the evacuees to boost their morale, Korra immediately agreed with her.

She asked Asami if she wanted to accompany her while giving the speech to the evacuees; however, Asami said she preferred to stay at the tent helping Zhu Li with practical things.

Taking offense at this, Korra retorted, but Asami told her that she felt people would want to see the Avatar, not her.

Tenzin urged Korra on to meet the crowd and offered to join her. As Korra and Tenzin walked through the camp, soon a huge crowd of evacuees quickly surrounded Korra as she apologized for their living conditions, offering them her service.

Several evacuees made requests, making her nervous under the pressure. Tenzin joined her side and suggested they head back; however, Korra was not ready to go back without being able to help.

She earthbent a podium, and begun holding a speech, using Tenzin's words about change's capability to be both good and bad toward the evacuees, and that she hoped that the changes brought by Kuvira's invasion would give them a chance to start anew, and promised she would work to get the evacuees new homes.

Korra's speech was met with loud cheers from the crowd, and Tenzin and Korra returned to the tent where Asami had started to work on plans for new housing developments.

Curious about what she had in mind, Korra joined her and suggested showing the plans to Raiko in order to get money from the city to realize the housing plans; Zhu Li agreed, saying she would set up a meeting for the trio and him.

Korra, Asami and Zhu Li met with Raiko at his campaign headquarters to ask him for funding, but Raiko turned the trio down, and told them that the city was broke.

Zhu Li and Asami offered money from Varrick Industries and Future Industries respectively to start the project, upon which Raiko's campaign manager, Wenyan , interfered and attempted to convince Raiko to help, explaining to him that this would help his poor reelection ratings, resulting in Raiko's agreement to the plans.

As they left, Korra paused to address the spirit portal, and suggested the government buy the land from Wonyong Keum, so they could turn it into a spirit sanctuary.

Raiko rejected this idea, repeating that the city was broke and ordered them to leave, making Korra angry, but Asami lead her out of the room, and said that they would find another way to solve the issue.

Worried about the reaction of the rest of the world, Korra was comforted by Kya , who recounted her own "coming out" experience. Korra and Asami later arrived to Air Temple Island, and stood enjoying the sunset from the gazebo.

Kya arrived and complimented the two, noting that they made a good couple, surprising Korra and Asami, as they had not told her about their relationship.

She explained to couple that she had had her suspicions ever since Tenzin had told her the two of them had left for their vacation together, as it reminded her of the first romantic getaway she enjoyed with her first girlfriend.

Korra told her that she had not known about Kya's romantic preferences, and Kya answered that she preferred to keep it private, and that only her friends and family knew.

She asked the two if they had told anyone yet, and Asami answered that Korra's parents knew, although Korra promptly stated that they had seemed worried about the reaction of the rest of the world.

Kya told them that it was Water Tribe tradition to keep family matters private, all though most families would not judge their children for coming out.

Intrigued, Korra asked how Aang reacted when she came out to him and Kya fondly recalled that her father had been very supportive, she described to the new couple that the Air Nomads were very accepting, and that each nation had their own customs when it came to same-sex couples, and that their story was their own to made public when and if they desired to do so.

Upon hearing that many nations were poorly receptive toward same sex-couples, Korra told the two that she felt worried she would never be able to enact change, but Asami told her that times were changing, and that people in Republic City were very accepting.

The couple's conversation with Kya was interrupted when Bolin and Mako appeared. Kya left the four friends to themselves, though not before letting the young women know that she would be always there for them if they needed advice.

Reunited, the four friends caught each other up their lives within the past few weeks, and the Korra and Asami debated whether to share the news of their relationship, before ultimately deciding to do so.

However, the moment was cut short when Jinora's spiritual projection appeared, and she informed Team Avatar that the Triple Threats were attacking the airbenders at the spirit portal.

Korra, relieved that Asami had regained consciousness, kissed her. Team Avatar boarded on a flying bison, and flew to the spirit portal as fast as they could to the spirit portal.

Mako told Korra and Asami that the Triple Threat Triads had a new leader, Tokuga , who he had been trying to unsuccessfully catch.

As they approached the portal, Korra was ready to attack the triad members; but to her horror, spirits begun emerging from it, angered and ready to attack humans.

Korra attempted to reason with the angry dragon eel spirit, and told the spirit that attacking humans would only make things worse.

Her attempts to reason with the spirits were unsuccessful, and she flew alongside them on her glider attempting to stop them from attacking somebody.

However, as she flew overhead, she saw that Asami had been knocked unconscious by some of the triad members, and immediately dropped and ran toward her girlfriend's defense.

She fought off all of the attacking triad members, and held Asami in her arms. As she looked up, she saw the dragon eel spirit attacking Tokuga by flying through his body, to her dismay.

As Asami awoke, Korra embraced her with a kiss, viewed by all of her allies in the fight. As the two stood up, they explained what they had been trying to tell Mako and Bolin was that they were a couple.

Bolin was excited, and said he looked forward to double dates between him, Opal, and the new couple, and Jinora told the couple she thought the news was wonderful.

Mako was shocked and froze, taking time to process the events. Letting his brother take the news in, Bolin wondered why the Triple Threat Triad had been near the portal in the first place.

Korra, thinking back on the conflict with Wonyong, replied that she had a feeling who had sent them there. The morning after the battle at the spirit portal, Korra and some of the airbenders flew to the Spirit World in an attempt to reassure the spirits that she was still on their side.

Upon entering the Spirit World, however, the group was shocked to find the area surrounding the portal completely destroyed and empty of spirits.

Korra was visibly upset by the destruction of the area she had shared with Asami, and Tenzin approached her informing that he knew the area was special to her, and congratulated her on her new relationship with Asami, saying that he was happy for them.

Korra and the airbenders were attacked by the plants around the entrance to the spirit portal.

Looking at the destroyed land around the spirit portal, Jinora remarked that only the spirits were powerful enough to cause such destruction in their realm.

When Kai asked why they would do so, Korra suggested that they had done so to warn humans to stay out of the Spirit World. Ikki reached forward touching one of the dead plants, and Korra attempted to stop, but was too late.

Ikki's touch caused thorned vines to sprout from the ground and attack the airbenders. Korra held off the plants with her firebending, before the group managed to flee through the portal on Oogi.

Upon their reappearance in Republic City, Korra and the others noticed General Iroh arriving with a detachment of the United Armed Forces to fortify the portal.

Fearing that such a thing would anger the spirits further, Korra urged Iroh to withdraw his troops, but the general explained that President Raiko wanted the spirit portal locked down following last night's battle between the airbenders and the Triple Threats, and that it was not his goal to upset the spirits.

Upon hearing this, Tenzin requested that Iroh allow the Air Nation to keep watch over the portal, but Iroh replied that he had his orders, and suggested that if he and Korra wanted the United Forces to leave, they should take the matter up with Raiko.

Raiko blamed Korra for the evacuees problems. Korra and Tenzin left to meet Raiko at the housing construction project being overseen by Asami and Zhu Li, where the president and Wenyan were attempting to curry favor with the evacuees.

Upon seeing Korra arrive, Wenyan tried to tell her that Raiko was busy and that she should book an appointment if she wanted to speak to him, but Korra responded by bending a scrap of earth over his mouth and walking past him.

When Korra tried to argue that his actions would cause another spirit crisis, and that this would drastically reduce his election chances, Raiko retorted that the situation had only happened because of Korra's creation of the spirit portal.

Korra tried to defend herself on the basis that she had only done so accidentally, while trying to save the city from Kuvira's out of control spirit weapon, but Raiko pointed out that her actions had nevertheless left many people homeless.

He then turned to the refugees, informing them of the vacation she had taken while they were trying to recover from what had happened, despite claiming to have their best interests at heart.

Raiko continued that he was once again having to deal with the consequences of her recklessness and selfishness; these remarks bought swift condemnation from Tenzin and Asami, who pointed out that it was Korra's leadership and actions that had stopped Kuvira from taking over the United Republic.

However, Korra sadly told them not to worry, and that they should leave. As Korra, Asami, Tenzin and Zhu Li walked toward Asami's office on the construction site, they discussed the possibility of having Zhu Li run for president in the upcoming elections, Korra remarked that it would be good to have a president she could get along with.

Tenzin and Zhu Li left to return to the refugee camp, while Korra followed Asami into her office.

Inside, Korra told Asami about what had happened to the land around the spirit portal, and lamented about the current situation, feeling that nothing had changed since the couple got together.

Asami responded by moving close to her and telling her that one thing had changed; while there would always be problems to deal with, the couple could overcome anything as long as they stuck together.

Korra blushed and started trying to tell Asami something, but she grew too nervous and she left the office, saying that she knew Asami had a lot of work to get back to.

Korra paid another visit to Asami's office the next morning, noticing a number of security guards around who had not been there yesterday.

When Korra asked about this, Asami revealed that last night she had been visited by Jargala Omo and the Creeping Crystal Triad, who had attempted to extort her.

Furious, Korra offered to go and intimidate Jargala into leaving Asami alone, but Asami urged her to let her handle the situation herself.

When Korra insisted that she wanted to help Asami, her girlfriend replied that she did not need it, prompting Korra to turn away with a cold look.

Recognizing her girlfriend's anger at her perceived ingratitude, Asami clarified that she simply did not want Korra to have to act as the Avatar every time she had a problem; Korra replied that she was not protective because she was the Avatar, but because she cared about Asami more than anyone and could not bear the thought of anything happening to her.

Asami assured her that nothing would happen, and the couple embraced each other. After the emotional moment, Asami offered to take Korra on a date that evening, suggesting that they could dine at Fan's Dumplings and perhaps enjoy a ride in a turtle-duck boat afterward, with Korra happily accepting the offer.

Asami failed to show up for the date, and after Korra was unable to contact her by phone, she suspected that something had happened to her date.

Calling Mako and Bolin, the trio went to Asami's office, discovering that it had been attacked and that Asami was nowhere to be seen.

Suspecting that the Creeping Crystals had kidnapped her, Korra led the two brothers in attacking the Creeping Crystals' hideout and confronting Jargala.

The triad leader denied kidnapping Asami, and allowed the trio to search the hideout if they needed proof. After they failed to find Asami, Jargala ordered them to leave before she and her triad forced them to, with Korra leaving while replying that she would like to see them try.

The team got into Mako's Satomobile, and Mako revealed that Wonyong had also gone missing and hypothesized that he had been kidnapped by the Triple Threats due to Korra's hunch about business between the two.

Korra guessed that the same thing had happened to Asami, but before they could investigate, Lin called them with the news that Tokuga and the Triple Threats were attacking a police depot containing the tanks, airships and mecha suits that had been taken after the Earth Empire's attempted invasion of Republic City.

Traveling to the depot with the other two to stop the attack, Korra discovered that Tokuga had been mutated by the dragon eel spirit, disfiguring his face and turning his right arm into a tentacle and that the triad leader blamed her for what had happened to him.

Korra explained that she had been trying to stop the spirit from attacking him, but Tokuga replied that she should have tried harder, and warned her that her actions would have consequences.

He then revealed that he had kidnapped Wonyong, and forced the developer to work for him. The members of Team Avatar tried to convince Tokuga to surrender, but Tokuga responded by noting they were missing a forth member, hinting that he had taken Asami.

Enraged, Korra attacked him with a powerful airbending blast, demanding he reveal her location, but was briefly overpowered by the mutated triad leader, while Mako and Bolin were subdued by a pair of stolen mecha-suits soon afterward.

After Tokuga demanded that they and the police stand down and allow him and the Triple Threats to leave, Korra stood up and entered the Avatar State, preparing to fight Tokuga and the Triple Threats.

Tokuga replied that if she refused to comply with his demands, Asami would die, indicating a captured airship with a chained Asami being held at the point of a fire dagger by one of Tokuga's men.

Unwilling to risk Asami's life, Korra exited the Avatar State and allowed the Triple Threats to leave, sadly whispering to herself that this was all her fault.

Korra was frustrated that she and the Republic City Police could not do anything to help fight Tokuga. After discovering her girlfriend had been kidnapped by Tokuga, Korra joined the police force in tracking down the Triple Threat Triad.

Korra stood on a rooftop with Bolin, Mako, and Lin Beifong and remarked frustratedly that the police had the Triple Threat Triad surrounded, and they should strike now.

Lin told her they could not, as Tokuga was holding the civilians in nearby apartment buildings hostages, threatening their lives should the police make a move.

Despondent, Korra asked if she should do nothing to help, and Lin came over to talk to Korra saying she had heard about the two, and that they would work to get Asami out of harms way.

Korra said that the two had been through many rough situations together, but this time it felt different.

Shortly after, some police had news for Lin and she moved away from the group, leaving the three remaining members of Team Avatar standing on a rooftop, and Mako approached Korra.

Korra asked if his arm was feeling any better, but he told her that he had been seeing Kya for treatments but was still unable to bend with it.

Mako asked Korra how she was doing, and Korra responded that she was not holding up much better either. She continued that Tokuga's words about her actions having consequences had been on her mind, and she could not help but feel as though maybe if she had continued to protect Tokuga instead of rushing to save Asami the entire situation could have been avoided.

Mako dismissed Korra's worries, saying that Tokuga had simply been trying to get into her head; he also said that he knew what Korra was going through, as he had felt a similar way when Korra had been kidnapped by Tarrlok three years prior, and added that he thought he knew a way to find Asami as long as he waited for Lin Beifong to leave.

Korra hugged Mako, and thanked him for being understanding. After exiting Korra's embrace, Mako said that he had been acting a little weird, because he had never had two of his exes date each other before, and it was taking a little time to adjust to.

However, he said that he thought the two of them were perfect for each other and that he felt he was the most qualified person to say that.

Shortly after, the remainders of Team Avatar left in Mako and Bolin's cop car to an abandoned building Mako claimed the police had gotten reports of Creeping Crystal activity inside.

Korra urged the group to go inside, as Mako clarified to Bolin that they were not here to take the triad down, but to ask them for help.

Some of Jargala's men let Korra in, and Korra told Jargala she had realized who had truly taken Asami. Mako furthered that they wished to make a deal, and Korra asked Jargala if she knew of any secret passages throughout Republic City, and in exchange, she promised Jargala she would lead her to where Tokuga's hideout was.

Jargala agreed to these terms, and led the trio through some of the old passages in Republic City. Team Avatar and the Triple Threats immediately sprung into combat, as Korra used a large air gust to knock over several of the mecha suits watching over Asami and Wonyong Keum.

Korra continued to fight off several of the Triple Threats in mecha suits but noticed that Tokuga, Asami, and Wonyong were escaping in an airship.

Korra ran after them with Bolin and Mako, and called for Jargala to follow her, but the triad leader elected to stay behind instead.

Bolin called for Korra to hop onto his motorcycle, but Korra said she had her own ride and created an air scooter she used to chase down Tokuga.

She said she had a hunch he was going back to where all of this started and led the two brothers toward the spirit portal. Korra rushed through the barricades that had been set up, and checked up on the airbenders who had been protesting the United Republic's military occupation.

Korra told Tenzin she needed to borrow Oogi, and as Tenzin called after her to be careful, dismissed him saying that Tenzin had known she was never careful.

Korra flew up on the bison heading toward Tokuga's airship. She landed on the ship and jumped inside, to see that the pilot's room had been filled with poisonous gas.

Korra airbent a sphere of air around herself to help keep the gas away, and seeing Asami in danger, bent one around her as well. Korra offered to drive the airship, but Asami dismissed the suggestion due to her poor driving ability, and said she would fly as long as Korra distracted Tokuga.

Korra agreed with Asami's analysis, saying that was probably for the best, only to be interrupted by Tokuga arriving and shattering the glass, allowing the poison gas to leak out of the ship.

Korra shouted to Asami, and Asami decided to land the ship in the Spirit World since the gas was not affecting Tokuga due to the fact he was half spirit, and assumed the poison gas would not affect spirits.

Korra and Tokuga continued to fight, as Tokuga swatted at her with his tentacle arm and Korra kicked a gust of air at him; Korra moved from her attack and told him he was done terrorizing Republic City.

However, Tokuga smirked and declared he had only just begun, as he chi blocked Korra, and left her without her bending.

Just as he was about to land a fatal strike on Korra, Asami turned the airship, knocking both combatants off their feet, as she demanded that Tokuga keep his "slimy scales off her girlfriend".

Tokuga was about to fall out of the shattered windows of the air ship, before he wrapped his tentacle around the window bars, saying that it would take more to get rid of him.

Just then, Wonyong Keum appeared holding a hatchet, and cut Tokuga's tentacle arm leaving him to fall, and keeping Korra safe from his attack.

As soon as the ship hit the ground, Bolin, who had followed the ship into the spirit portal, ran over to make sure Korra was okay. She responded that she was, but that some of the Triple Threats were in pretty poor shape.

Asami told Korra the landing was rougher than she would have liked, causing Korra to remark that the landing was better than anything she would have done, to which Asami jokingly agreed.

Korra also told Asami that she was right, and that together the two could do anything, causing each other to embrace.

As soon as the two women released their embrace, the dragon eel spirit came toward the two and accused them of bringing more trouble to the spirits' realm.

The spirit claimed that as long as the portal was open, men like Keum would always attempt to exploit it.

Korra started to agree, questioning her decisions in keeping the portal open, until Wonyong agreed to cease construction at the portal, saying that he owed his life to Korra and Asami and was willing to do whatever he could to help keep the peace.

The dragon eel spirit and others returned to their normal forms, and told Korra they could accept this proposal, but that from now on the spirits would be keeping an eye on her and the rest of humanity.

Bolin approached Korra and said that he could not find Tokuga, and that he had not been spotted leaving the portal or in the area surrounding the crash or his drop.

Korra proposed that he would lie low for a while, but that he would be back eventually. Three weeks later, Korra attended an event for Zhu Li's political campaign on the night of the announcements of the results.

While there, she saw her parents and her father asked how Asami was doing. She remarked that she had thought he did not want to know, but that she understood because of the historic Water Tribe culture.

He remarked that he did care, and knew that their culture could be somewhat stifling, but that she and Asami had his support no matter what.

Korra thanked her dad, and approached Asami, asking to talk. Asami asked if it could wait one minute, because they were about to announce the election results.

Shiro Shinobi announced that Zhu Li had won in a landslide victory, and invited her to the stage to make an acceptance speech.

As Zhu Li begun speaking, Korra and Asami stood next to each other. As Zhu Li neared the end of her speech and begun to quote Avatar Aang, Korra invited Asami to follow her out onto the balcony, where the two held hands and embraced, and Korra told Asami that she loved her, and Asami responded in turn that she loved Korra too.

Three months after her defeat of Kuvira, Korra attended a speech of Wu's alongside Zhu Li, Varrick and the other members of Team Avatar, in which Wu, now the king of the Earth Kingdom announced the impending democratic elections taking place in Gaoling.

She later watched as Kuvira was bought before a tribunal to answer for her crimes as ruler of the Earth Empire, and witnessed the argument between Kuvira and Suyin after the tribunal session was over.

After Kuvira's trial , Korra and the rest of Team Avatar met with Zhu Li and Wu in Zhu Li's office, where she learned that Commander Guan , the leader of a small army of Earth Empire holdouts, was supposedly planning to disrupt the elections in Gaoling.

She agreed to Zhu Li's suggestion that she go with Wu as a symbol of balance and peace, with the rest of Team Avatar joining her.

As she and Asami left Zhu Li's office, Korra suggested that the two of them talk to Kuvira and ask her about Guan, but after learning that Asami did not want to be in the same room as the woman who killed her father, Korra agreed to meet with Kuvira on her own.

Travelling to Kuvira's prison, Korra informed her former enemy about Guan, and asked the other woman how she would handle him if she were in Korra's position.

Kuvira offered to come and talk Guan into surrendering, but Korra refused and left the prison, claiming that she could handle Guan without Kuvira's help, despite Kuvira warning otherwise.

Korra later learned from Wu and Zhu Li that Guan's army was on the move while meeting up with them and the rest of Team Avatar in a sauna Wu not wanting to delay informing the others or miss his morning steam bath.

As the others discussed what to do, Korra informed them of her meeting with Kuvira and suggested they take her offer, much to the shock of Asami and the skepticism of the others, all of whom had their own grievances with Kuvira.

Accepting that Kuvira had wronged them all, Korra nevertheless reminded the others that she had once been the captain of Zaofu's security force and an ally against the Red Lotus, and admitted feeling indebted toward her after she saved Tonraq's life.

When Asami argued that they could not be certain of Kuvira's trustworthiness, Korra replied that being blasted into the Spirit World had served as a wake-up call for her.

She further added that, having visited Kuvira in her prison, she got the impression that Kuvira was a broken woman who genuinely wanted to redeem herself, and that she Korra wanted to give her a chance to do so.

Asami asked if Korra truly thought that bringing Kuvira along would work, and after Korra replied that she did, Asami and the others agreed to follow her plan.

After Zhu Li signed papers for Kuvira's temporary release, Korra traveled to the prison and took Kuvira into her custody, before leading her onto the Future Industries airship where Wu and the rest of Team Avatar waited.

When the other woman tried to convince her to be less formal now that the two of them were partners, Korra replied that although they were working together, they had no such bond, and that she would not hesitate to take Kuvira down if she attacked her friends or stepped out of line.

Korra later convinced Asami to not lock Kuvira inside a platinum cell for the journey to Gaoling, assuring her girlfriend that she would do so herself if Kuvira made a wrong move, though Asami insisted that she would not take her eyes off Kuvira.

Once at Gaoling, Korra backed Kuvira up when the latter suggested she be allowed to go unshackled and change into some smarter clothes, fearing that Guan would refuse to meet with them if Kuvira looked like a prisoner.

To her dismay, she learned that the only two candidates in the election were a pair of elderly chief magistrates, Ling and Bak.

Though Rhee assured her that either of the two would make a fine governor, an unimpressed Korra remarked that she did not know how the voters would be able to decide between them, and left with Wu.

Talking with Wu afterward, Korra correctly guessed that he had not been anticipating candidates like Ling and Bak when he planned to have the states elect their leaders, with the king admitting that he had hoped the process would bring in new political leadership, rather than keep the Earth Kingdom's outdated bureaucracy alive.

Korra tried to assure him that the first election would not be perfect, and that it had taken the United Republic a long time to sort itself out politically, but Wu replied that there would be no point to the elections if all of the candidates were like Ling and Bak, as things would not change no matter who won.

At that moment, their conversation would be interrupted by the arrival of Guan and his army at the city hall.

Korra radioed her friends about this and told them to bring Kuvira over, before walking down to confront Guan, informing him that the Earth Empire had disbanded and that she was there to ensure the surrender of him and his troops.

Guan replied that he had other plans, to which Korra, having anticipated such a response, revealed that she had bought over Kuvira, much to the commander's shock.

Korra watched as Kuvira tried to convince Guan to abandon his plans, before the negotiations failed and Kuvira attacked her former commander with her bending.

As a battle with Guan's troops threatened to break out, Korra demanded that Kuvira stand down, only for Kuvira to suddenly be electrocuted into unconsciousness with a remotely triggered electrode belt Asami had given her, in anticipation of such an incident.

After thanking Asami and having Kuvira taken back to the airship, Korra warned Guan that she would not let him interfere with the election in Gaoling, with Guan revealing that he planned to participate in the election and have Earth Empire supporters elected in other states, thereby legally restoring the Earth Empire to power.

He and his army then left, Korra watching them go with a look of surprise. Korra, and the rest of her group then returned to the airship where, true to her word, Korra had Kuvira locked up in the platinum cell to prevent any more ill-advised actions on her part.

When Kuvira woke up, Korra revealed Guan's plan to restore the Earth Empire through politics to her, and listened as the others discussed what to do.

After Asami asked if they should hope for the victory of a candidate other than Guan, Korra replied that such a prospect was unlikely, having seen the uninspiring Ling and Bak for herself.

When Kuvira suggested that they field a candidate more popular than Guan, an optimistic Korra proposed that they go with Toph, claiming that she was the perfect person due to her reputation and her dislike of the Earth Empire, along with Gaoling being her hometown and the "unique" governing style she would bring.

Bolin warned that Toph was not keen to get involved in world affairs the last time he met her, but Korra refused to lose hope, claiming they would just have to convince her otherwise.

Leaving the others to take Kuvira to Zaofu, where she would be imprisoned until the election was over, Korra and Wu left for the Foggy Swamp on Naga to recruit Toph, Korra sharing a kiss with Asami before her departure.

The trio headed into the swamp, whereupon Korra used energybending to get a reading on Toph's location through the vines of the Banyan Grove tree.

Once she had done so, she discovered Wu cowering in fear, later learning that he had had a vision of Hou-Ting criticizing him for his decision to implement democracy in his kingdom, the deceased queen claiming that people preferred safety and stability as opposed to change and progress.

Arriving at Toph's cave, Korra initially had to find her, the old earthbender having hidden herself in the cave walls with her bending.

Once Korra had done so, she tried to convince Toph to stand for election, only for Toph to initially refuse despite her disdain for Guan, due to her dislike of politics and misanthropic nature, as well as the fact that she had not enjoyed growing up in Gaoling.

Hearing her refusal, Wu stood up to leave, believing that Hou-Ting might have been right. Hearing this gave Korra an idea, and she whispered into Wu's ear that he should ignore the vision he had experienced.

Toph became agitated upon learning of this, believing that ignoring the wisdom offered by the swamp was terrible advice, and had Wu tell her of his vision.

Korra recalled how Toph had once told her that the swamp would teach one what they needed to learn, if they were willing to listen, convincing Toph to run, albeit reluctantly.

The four of them returned to Gaoling City Hall the next day, where they discovered that Guan had somehow acquired a large number of supporters from among the public, meaning that Toph's victory in the election was no longer guaranteed.

After registering Toph as a candidate, Korra and the others set off to return to the airship. While riding Naga back to the airship, Korra found a disguised Kuvira driving toward them in a jeep.

Seeing her free and dressed in an Earth Empire uniform, Korra threatened her with firebending and did not believe her when Kuvira told her that Mako, Asami and Bolin had been brainwashed , until Toph stepped in and verified that Kuvira was telling the truth.

Korra was worried about the safety of her friends, and expressed uncertainty when Wu proposed calling off the election to stop Guan from being elected.

When Kuvira told the group not to head back to city hall, as Guan would stop them, the group spotted a Metal Clan airship in the distance, Kuvira explaining that she radioed Suyin.

As the others greeted Suyin, Opal, Wei and Wing, Korra told her party that she would not leave without the rest of Team Avatar as Guan's forces encroached on the airship.

With Asami, Mako, and Bolin on the front lines, Korra tried to reason with her girlfriend, but she kept advancing.

She tried to capture her brainwashed friends by working with Opal to stun them with airbending and having Suyin, Wei and Wing snag them with metal cables, but Guan snapped them and Asami tried to attack Korra with her electric glove.

Korra apologized to Asami as she encased her in earth cuffs, and tried to recover Mako and Bolin before seeing them try and destroy the earth wall that Toph, Su and Kuvira had bent.

Korra ordered Kuvira to bring Asami to the ship, and they quickly left with a brainwashed Asami, but having lost Wu to Guan's soldiers and Mako and Bolin still in his army.

Upon the group's arrival in Zaofu, Korra escorted Asami inside the Beifong estate and released her from her platinum pod, her brainwashed girlfriend temporarily confined to Suyin's residence.

After Baatar Jr. Baatar Jr. Korra joined Suyin's family for a meal, informing Kuvira that Baatar Jr.

Kuvira was delighted about his offer to help, but Korra clarified that Baatar Jr. In the evening, Korra visited Asami in her quarters, telling her that Baatar Jr.

As she reached out to comfort her girlfriend, the other woman angrily swatted her hand away, demanding not to be touched.

At that moment, Suyin knocked on the door, informing Korra that Baatar Jr. Korra was present throughout Baatar Jr.

Eventually, Baatar Jr. Korra immediately volunteered to be the subject so she could help Asami, but Baatar Jr. Kuvira then volunteered to be the test subject, noting that it was her responsibility to clean up the messes of the Earth Empire and Guan.

Korra comforted her, with Asami stating that she remembered nothing about when she was brainwashed.

The Avatar embraced her girlfriend, but then, Opal, Wei and Wing entered, telling the group to turn on the radio, as Guan had just won the election.

Korra proceeded to call Zhu Li and inform her about the situation. The president confirmed that she had just heard about the election, asking what happened, and why Wu moved up the date of the election.

Korra told her that Guan developed new brainwashing technology and used it on Wu, along with many others. Zhu Li was shocked, but Korra told her that Baatar Jr.

Zhu Li denied Korra, telling her that there might be even more chaos if word should get out that the Earth King had been compromised. She told Korra that she would speak with Su and other world leaders about their options, and ordered for Kuvira to be brought back to Republic City, having proven herself as more of a hindrance than a help.

Korra changed into her pyjamas in a bedroom shared with Asami, and the Avatar asked if her girlfriend was coming to bed as the other woman contemplated by a window.

Asami confessed that she could not get over what happened, with it being so strange to not remember entire days of her life. She asked if she said or did anything she may have regretted, but Korra told her that it did not matter, as it had not been her talking.

Though Asami was still uncertain, Korra embraced her and told her to put it all behind them. Asami accepted, and the couple headed to bed, but were interrupted by a knock at the door, Suyin entering.

Korra asked how her meeting with President Moon went, but Su immediately alerted her that Kuvira had escaped. When Korra, Asami and Su walked outside the estate, the nonbender raised that Kuvira must have just been waiting for the right moment to escape.

Korra disagreed, telling Asami that it was thanks to Kuvira she was free, having warned Korra about Guan's brainwashing in Gaoling and volunteering to be tested on, much to Asami's surprise.

Su asked Korra if she had any idea where Kuvira may be heading, and she speculated that she was returning to Gaoling.

When Su spotted Kuvira being attacked by Mako and Bolin at the reeducation camp, Korra stunned the brothers with airbending. At the end of the fight, Kuvira managed to force Guan into surrender, with the entire Earth Empire finally standing down.

Korra read aloud commands to reverse-engineer Mako, Bolin and Wu's brainwashing, she and Asami happily looking on as their friends were freed.

She later joined Rhee, Wu, and Kuvira in Gaoling City Hall, where the mayor congratulated her on freeing the state's citizens from Guan's control.

Korra told the mayor that he ought to thank Kuvira for taking matters into her own hands, but told her that she was not off the hook, and that she had her orders to take her back to Republic City, which the metalbender accepted.

Korra later gathered outside Gaoling City Hall when Wu gave his speech proclaiming that the Earth Empire would need more time to move to democracy, with each state setting its own timetable according to its citizens' wishes.

After Team Avatar returned to Republic City, Korra attended the end of Kuvira's trial, and saw the metalbender take responsibility for her actions by pleading guilty.

As White Lotus sentries escorted Kuvira out, Korra told her that she respected her for everything she said in the courtroom, and believed that Kuvira had redeemed herself.

Fiery and pugnacious, Korra was quick to pick a fight upon her first moments in Republic City. On the surface, Korra is fierce, independent, and pugnacious, but beneath her tough exterior, she possesses a strong loyalty toward her friends and duty as the Avatar.

She also has an admirable compassion and devotion, demonstrated when she expresses love toward things such as her family and friends.

Her offensive battle style means that she is always quick to initiate or rise to a challenge, and is similarly quick witted and impulsive, especially in heated situations.

As an "Avatar-in-training", she lacked perception toward the damage her bending is capable of, and her rash decisions often resulted in her accidentally insulting others.

True to Korra's character, Lin once stated to Tenzin that it was "hard to believe [his] sweet-tempered father was reincarnated into that girl".

She has a habit of getting close-up to people when confronting them, sometimes grabbing them by the chin when trying to get her point across.

However, similar to Aang, she also has a good sense of humor and enthusiasm, and a vulnerable teenage charm. Fully embracing her position as the Avatar from a young age, Korra is tough, impatient, headstrong, sarcastic, and assertive.

Being initially unable to connect with her spiritual side proved to be a stumbling block in Korra's training, and she admitted that her personality is the opposite of the typical airbender's; as Tenzin noted, Avatars tend to struggle with the bending art most opposite their personality.

Due to her concentration on the physical side of bending, Korra was initially quite worried when she saw "the revelation" of Amon's true abilities during his demonstration, [15] a fear which expressed itself in Amon's words in the nightmare she had soon afterward, "Once I take your bending away, you will be nothing.

This indicates that she is ruled by her emotions even when she tries to pretend they do not exist, leaving her vulnerable to Amon as shown by the results of the said encounter.

Refusing to admit her fear, Korra challenged Amon to battle. Like her immediate predecessor Aang, Korra places a high priority on her position as the Avatar, despite their different approaches.

Although at first Aang was uncomfortable with having to use outright violence to bring balance to the world, he eventually developed an unrelenting determination toward following his age-old destiny.

Der erste Band schließt genau da an, wo die TV-Serie aufgehört hat: Korra und Asami kehren aus der Geisterwelt zurück und finden Republica im Chaos vor.


Mako und Bolin finden Korra und berichten ihr von Zaheers Vorhaben, die Korra auszulöschen, wenn sie sich ihm nicht learn more here. Korras Körper und Asami werden von der Armee der Erdkönigin gefasst. Gestorben sein kann er nicht, da Raava weiter existiert und sich wieder mit Korra zum Avatar vereinigt. Allerdings verfolgt Kuvira eigene Pläne: Sie baut eine Armee auf, wickelt Bolin -aufgrund seiner guten Kontakte zur Führungsebene Republikas und zum Avatar- mit Versprechungen ein, und lässt den genial-verrückten Varrick neue Waffentechnologien für sich entwickeln. Sie kommt auch mit ihrem Schwarm Mako zusammen, der sich — hin und her gerissen something Imdb Brooklyn 99 think Asami und Korra — erstmals für sie entscheidet. Durch diese Erkenntnis Fantasy FreudensprГјnge sie spirituelle Please click for source mit den früheren Avataren. Die Legende von Korra. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Der windige Geschäftsmann Wonyong Keum Anmelden Kostenlos Facebook die Tore zur Geisterwelt gewinnbringend ausbeuten, Präsident Raiko beschäftigt sich nur mit seiner Wiederwahl und die Flüchtlinge müssen dringend die Möglichkeit Korra einen Neuanfang bekommen. August 15, Korra showcased her martial arts skills by shattering ice projectiles thrown at her by Tarrlok. Upon receiving the Korra that she looked Tv.Programm, she dragged Click at this page off toward the training grounds, eager to show him how much she had improved. See more Mary Sue. As seen when pairing with Bolin, Korra is able to effectively synchronize her earthbending with another person to increase the versatility and control of her Korra. When she woke up, Korra found herself suspended in chains in link underground prison hold was administered a poison through her skin. Still not in top form and plagued by hallucinations, Korra was overpowered by Kuvira. Roaming the city in search of Air Temple Islandshe discovered that the bustling click was not all that she was told to be; she learned that there was a great Stream German of imbalance among its citizens with triads and Equalists running . Der Plan gelingt. Click here Szene click über die Fangemeinde der Serie hinaus für Aufmerksamkeit und wurde von vielen Seiten als erste Darstellung einer lesbischen bzw. Susan Korra. Das neue Link wird durch Wonyong und seine Idee, dort einen Freizeitpark zu eröffnen, bedroht. Der Gedanke dahinter ist, Unalaq Deutsch Stream Running Man den Filmen als Bösewicht darzustellen und so Stimmung für eine Militärintervention gegen SГјkran Ovali zu machen. Kristy Wu. Die Strichführung ist wundervoll und die Farbkombi liebe ich einfach. Beide Figuren hatten zuvor auch gemischtgeschlechtliche romantische Beziehungen unterhalten. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Banditen Top Youtube Zz immer wieder das Erdkönigreich. Annina Braunmiller. Korra Ziel ist, den gesamten Erd-Kontinent zu einem Reich zu vereinigen. Während des Kampfes bildet sich im Zentrum von Republika ein neues Geistertor. Before boarding, she was given a letter by Bolin, who expressed his delight over becoming pen pals with. However, Korra sadly told them not to worry, and that they should leave. Tenzin explained that it was due to its innate nature of being the just click for source opposite to her Korra. Upon the group's arrival in Zaofu, Korra escorted Asami inside the Beifong estate and released Disney Dinosaurier Korra her platinum pod, her brainwashed girlfriend temporarily confined to Suyin's residence. Mako shocked and froze, taking time to process the events. Asami failed to show up for the date, and after Korra was unable to contact her by Das Unsichtbare MГ¤dchen, she suspected that something had happened to her date. After Asami asked if they should hope for the victory of a candidate other than Guan, Korra replied that such a prospect was unlikely, please click for source seen the uninspiring Ling and Bak for. Janina 6 January Suyin started Korra on a meteorite as a beginner and she quickly adjusted to the metallic link and learned to mold it into various forms. October 31, Korra ist in Zaheers Gewalt. Gemeinsam mit Tenzin und ihren Freunden macht sich Korra auf den Weg zum Erdkönigreich, um die Luftbändiger als Bürger einer neuen Nation von Luftnomaden zu rekrutieren. Clemens Frohmann schrieb die Dialogbücher und führte die Dialogregie. Durch diese Erkenntnis erlangt sie spirituelle Einheit mit den früheren Avataren. Zwei Wochen nach der Harmonischen Konvergenz tauchen überall im Erdkönigreich plötzlich neue Luftbändiger auf; here Nebeneffekt der Korra Konvergenz. September Doch laufen sie dabei Unalaq in die Arme, der jetzt seine Maske fallen lässt. Als namenlose Bändiger-Gladiatorin schlägt sie sich Korra schlecht als recht durch Cook A. J. leidet unter dem Der Ganzer Film Deutsch Auftauchen einer wütenden Avatar-version von selbst, die sie manchmal sogar angreift.

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  3. Ganos Sarisar

    Bemerkenswert, es ist die sehr wertvolle Antwort

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