Helping product teams discover 10x more about users

Action user feedback faster through AI-generated insights across all your user conversations


Turn all of your user conversations into actionable feedback 🙌

Noki connects directly to all user facing calls across your company, pulling out the hidden gems that you didn't even know about
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Utkarsh, Global Head of Customer Marketing @ Freshworks

"Using Noki has totally changed how specific we can be with marketing language."

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How does Noki work? 🤖

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    📞 Upload your calls

    Upload sales, customer success, account management or user research calls from across your company 😎
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    Review new feedback 👀

    Noki automatically extracts Pain-points, Feature Requests, Bugs and more from every user conversation, and sends them directly into your Noki Inbox for you to review 💪
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    🧭 Explore results

    Visualise all user feedback using Noki's customisable dashboards, track changes over time and identify emerging priorities ⚡️
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    Track insights 🔎

    Keep a pulse on known and fresh insights from every user, filter by time and see the impact of your product decisions 🌈